Hope that everything is fixed soon, and I know they will.These Armory issues should be resolved for all realms except Area 52.

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They are definitely putting in the time, and probably more than you'd really expect.

Blizzard I tip my hat to you, and thank you for everything you've done.

You're customer service, and commitment to customer satisfaction has come a long way over the years, and is hard to rival.

I just want to confirm that we're aware of the issue currently preventing Armory updates for characters on select realms in the wake of this week's scheduled maintenance and are looking to have it resolved as soon as possible.

We understand the negative impact this has on the Wowhead beta key giveaway, as well as other third–party services reliant on the Armory, such as Open Raid, Ask Mr. I'll provide further updates as soon as I have more information on the issue or its resolution.

Unfortunately, the power outage yesterday afternoon did eat into our progress a little bit.

That said, I've been actively communicating with our engineers who are continuing to troubleshoot this issue.

It's occurring for realms that were migrated to new hardware during last Tuesday's maintenance — — something we failed to make very clear at the time.

Additional reports in this thread from players experiencing the issue are welcome.

To help in our review of these cases, I'm mostly interested in hearing from the players who started experiencing this issue after the Tuesday, July 22 maintenance.

One thousand apologies for the trouble and ten thousand thank yous for your patience.