Soaking up the sun in a skimpy fuchsia bikini is a serious business – just ask Emmerdale’s Gemma Atkinson .

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Read more: I'm happy being 11 stone, says Gemma Atkinson She even asked if she could avoid wearing revealing outfits.

“I think because I did the modelling, people assume that’s what I’m like in real life,” she told a newspaper.

“But I’m much happier in trackies and Converse than something skimpy.

That’s my go-to outfit.” She says the fitness regime has helped her feel better about herself – and also enjoyed an ego boost from her National Television Award nomination in January.

After all that, she's earned her break even if the photos are revealing...

Season 5 Premiere Recap: ‘Are You Having Second Thoughts?

’ In the video embedded below, not only are Diane (and especially Will) erupting in anger about Alicia and Cary’s mutiny from Lockhart-Gardner, but the titular partners are exchanging tense words of their own.

(Hmmm…is Rita Wilson’s divinely cunning Viola Walsh implying Diane is on her way out the door to that much ballyhooed judgeship? Plus, we’ve got Alicia engaging in what looks like corporate espionage, Will and a blond of unknown identity dancing in the sheets and Grace checking out a selection of handguns.

Could that last shocker be a daydream — much like the Season 4 Will-Alicia fantasy that also sneaks its way into the preview?