And it sounds like Miss Portman may be the envy of millions of teenage girls, as it’s being reported that she and “Twilight” stud Robert Pattinson are rumored to be dating.

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15+ pictures inside of Natalie Portman, Robert Pattinson, and more at the L.

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As part of International Women’s Day last night (March 5), Natalie Portman joined a lively panel discussion following a screening of the acclaimed documentary “A Powerful Noise.” The “My Blueberry Nights” babe looked cute and conservative in a brown zip-up jacket with black trousers and black knee-high boots as she participated in the discourse, held at Kaye Playhouse in New York City.

Rumors of a romance between Natalie Portman and Twilight’s Rob Pattinson began circulating earlier this week after the pair was spotted hanging out together at a post-Oscar party. , “[Portman] seemed really into him, and went right up to say hello once she spotted him.” According to the pal, Pattinson, who earlier in the night told E! WITH THE THOUSANDS OF ROBERT FANS OUT THERE, INCLUDING ME!!!! all u girls who think that kirsten and rob should date it is really stupid!

that he was nervous about presenting an award at the big show, took the edge off his nerves with “Whiskey and Natalie Portman.” A friend of Natalie’s was quoted as saying “The two totally flirted outside on the patio. , SHE WILL NOT BE GETTING HER WAY WITH ROBERT PATTINSON……. All I know is if the ‘Self-Care-Laws’ in CA do pass– the K. just cause they do a love movie together doesnt mean that they should date!Natalie is used to getting what she wants and she dominated Robert’s attentions for most of the evening. THATS FOR SURE SO SHE BETTER WATCH OUT FOR US GIRLS XDDD XPPPPP this is stupid they are seen hanging out once and they are dating my god so many stupid rumors like paris was going to replace Kirsten if you hang out with a lad does it mean you are dating no so why does it for him it is just stupid!!!!! Is that an ‘English-culture’ situation with the ‘affected mouth&Lip’ pursing pose-strike? and also natalie porman may look good wiv him, that doesnt mean that they should date! I think it doesnt even matter who he is dating or not dating.Despite the flirtation, the two went their separate ways at the end of the evening. LOVE IT when Robert does his ‘NATURAL relaxed mouth–and NOT THIS ‘KEIRA KNIGHTLY weird-PUCKERED-LIP -pursed’ thing. OR is that lip-pout-gaping thing a residual from being a model ‘hangover’? What we all would like is if he could fall for one of us, but lets face it we’re not even close. Besides Im not really sure if it’s Rob or Edward the one Im unconditionally and irrevocably in love with…Hello, I would not like you because I really love him a lot of truth and love is not the fan.But it would be good for him, what I want is that he is happy with whoever, but only want him to know that I love him too. Rumors have been swirling on the net, claiming Robert Pattinson and Natalie Portman are hot new items.