Without a doubt more questions have been raised than answered, but we have only tackled three cards in the deck of your memories! How could a lowly lumberjack become involved with such grandiose figures?

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This should largely remove their ability and incentive to participate in combat themselves, and also mean they'll have to rely on their Pokemon's skills for lack of their own.

Pastebin of all posts so far: Eb5tfd ACharacters/Places: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1k NX_mp Rm Mej4f2OEj Fz-z Bb RMq652o GLBI7hn FCWguc/edit?

usp=sharing We return once more to the game of fate!

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pref=2&pli=1#gid=044274872Come on, he deserves a real reward for his hard work and losing half his face to that basilisk bombardment. I would just homebrew it out, but I've never done such a thing.

Not just a pat on the back from Emps, you know the White Death would get ascended to daemonhood for all the blood he spilled for the blood god. It seems overwhelming and I know I would ruin the balance of the classes.

Greetings /tg/, I'm taking my party into a massive city-sized carnival and while I have a lot planned out (an ongoing tournament, bardic nonsense on a massive altar; pic related, and various side games) I would like to know either LA.) What you as a player want to see or do at a carnival or festival in your games? I'm wondering if somebody has already altered the rules in this way.

or B.) What do you, eternal DMs, like to include in your celebrations, parties, festivals and what have you. Calf scramble, similar to the piglet chase but with teens and a cow. B: Convince me that PTU is fine the way it is, and I should accept it.

With the holidays upon us I can only imagine you folks must be rolling through some festivals. Good way for a young man to get some property of his own. It's just the idea of trainers weakening Pokemon/other trainers with fists, rocks, throwing stars, etc is just so fucking weird to me.44270703If you don't want to take the option off the table completely, just tell your players that in (Insert Region You're Running in Here), if they go around beating the shit out of pokemon and trainers with sticks and stones and shit, sooner or later people are going to notice and they're going to get a reputation that amounts to being a gang of animal abusing fuckheads / aggravated assault-happy thugs, with all the delicate loving police attention that deserves.

My issue is that a lot of skills in PTU involve physical trainer attacks toward Pokemon or trainers using weapons (ugh).

I want the tabletop game to be closer to the game in that the trainer has little to do with puzzle solving, and almost nothing to do with combat.