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We offer affordably priced ebooks for immediate sampling, purchase and download.

Most Smashwords books are readable on any e-reading device.

One purchase and you gain access to multiple formats. Over 100,000 authors around the world collectively publish and distribute over 350,000 ebooks with Smashwords.

Smashwords makes it fast, free and easy to publish and distribute your ebook to the world's largest ebook retailers and mobile phone apps.

Smashwords is ideal for publishing novels, personal memoirs, poetry chapbooks, short and long-form fiction, and non-fiction.

If you've written it, we want to help you share it and sell it!

We distribute books to Apple i Books (51 countries), Barnes & Noble, Kobo (which powers the bookstores of multiple other retailers such as FNAC in France and WH Smith in the U.

K.), Over Drive, Gardners, Baker & Taylor (and the Axis360 library platform), and others. Smashwords offers book lovers an opportunity to discover thousands of independently published ebooks.

Authors control the pricing, sampling and marketing of their books, and receive 85% of the net sales proceeds from their works (70.5% for affiliate sales) for sales at our retail operation, and authors earn 60% of the list price for sales though our distribution network of retailers including Apple i Books, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Gardners and Scribd.

Library sales typically earn 45% of the list price.

You'll find more information in your Dashboard's Channel Manager. Smashwords is the ebook publishing and distribution platform for hundreds of small, professional independent publishers.