In five years, the current proliferation of digital matchmaking services will lead to millions of lackluster wedding toasts, but – for now at least – the mobile-ization of romance is a boon for busy guys.

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Charlotte even has its own sites — you’ve probably seen those signs for or at intersections around town. In a period of three months, I went on dates with about 10 different men.

So does online dating really work for real relationships or is it better for short-term “hooking up” purposes? I’ll get to the research and stats later on, but first I’d like to give you a background story. Some relationships quickly ended and some continued a little longer.

As a 21-year-old in Charlotte, living with my parents in Ballantyne and commuting to Winthrop in Rock Hill daily, I wasn’t really in the prime situation for finding a boyfriend (no offense, mom and dad). I am still friends with a few of the guys that I met (Hey, Ben! After the most “successful” of these relationships ended after about four months, I decided to take a break.

I wasn’t at school long enough during the week to make connections with people. In thinking about all of those relationships, I saw a common denominator.

I work at Be Yoga, where there are some men but the majority of people are female. Few of the guys were serious about developing a lasting relationship.

My strategy was to swipe right a pretty significant amount and not be too selective or picky.(Note: I don’t regret any of them.) After a couple more months of single-hood, I decided to give a shot.I figured that since it is a paid dating website, people would be more serious about wanting a committed relationship.I started with just a one-month membership, then upgraded to a three-month plan.I instantly started talking to someone who I thought was a perfect fit for me and we began dating. We dated for about a month until deciding that we weren’t right for each other, so we parted ways but remained friends.The next person I met was in for the hookup, so I said farewell a week later.