Everybody in those pageants had like that PERMAGRIN and was all “HI …so nice to meet you, I wanna save the planet and blah blah!!!” and so happy and sugary to everyone and accommodating and I was so uncomfortable and unable to do that whole schmoozing thing. If I’m in a bad mood I’m not able to just compartmentalize it and stuff it away, I will wear it on my face and let you know about it.

She has a new TV show, a bundle of energy and she’s a great friggin interview. LRI: Were you afraid I was 61 or even worse, nineteen?? No, no, not that either one of those is a bad thing but I will tell you that some of my daughter’s friends that age are like “Hey Miss Bobbie will you crawl around on the floor on your hands and knees and reenact the “Cherry Pie” video for us?? BJB: Yeah, sounds great, but I talk a lot and a mile a minute so we may be here a while (laughs).

(Some comments from the original edit of the interview regarding the band Warrant were removed per Bobbie’s regret and request) Read on…. ” To which I said “Well, how much money do you have?? LRI: That’s fine, that’s a typical interview for us.

Legendary Rock Interviews: It’s awesome to be talking to you Bobbie. So what was life like as a little bitty Bobbie Jean Brown??

She is the definition of a real life Barbie doll to the casual observer but the visuals don’t exactly match up with the actual personality most people expect. she’s pretty, girl next door-ish and easy to talk to but not at all submissive, she’s down to earth but not in typical, boring “act polite and don’t ruffle any feathers” fashion.

She’s lived a life few can imagine but doesn’t have the same aloof, untouchable tendencies of other famous rock star “accessories” like Tawny or Pamela or any of those girls who act like they’re doing you a favor by existing.

Some people have referred to Bobbie as”Miss Cherry Pie”, “The Ultimate Rock Video Girl”, or even “The Serial Rock Star Dater”.

Whatever you wanna call her, there is no doubt that while she is Hollywood to the core, you can still sense a little southern hospitality in everything she touches. LRI: I wanna paint the whole picture of you here and cover you top to bottom.

I think most guys in my age bracket who are honest will admit they have been following you from the moment we saw you. You grew up in Louisiana which is interesting to begin with…. I’m not sure I really appreciated it at the time because it all seemed so slow and boring but I do now. She was kind of a “stage mom”, not TOO extreme but she definitely made me do things that I freakin hated like going to modeling classes and putting 300 rollers in my hair every night.

It was simple I guess, there wasn’t a lot of crime and I never even SAW drugs until I moved out to California. Every day was picture day and I wasn’t allowed to get dirty so of course I went CRAZY and rebelled a lot and I got in trouble for doing that. LRI: But you DID have dreams of excitement and leaving and everything.

I grew up in Baton Rouge and yeah, Louisiana is awesome, awesome food. Do you think some of that “Little Miss Sunshine” Beauty Pageant bullshit sub-consciously drove you to wanna be something in entertainment ? That was all my mom’s choice that was never my choice, I didn’t have a choice of whether or not I WANTED to do it, that was just what I was going to do as far as she was concerned so I didn’t really know what to do with myself.

It was a good, safe place to grow up but I think mom kind of sheltered me a little and didn’t really expose me to any reality which probably wasn’t the best idea because it was so laid back there and I so wanted the experience of something like what I got when I came here that I JUST LOVED IT when I came out here to California. LRI: I’ve seen footage of your mom talking about you which was interesting. I’m not one of those girls who made it because it was their goal and their dream or whatever.